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What’s great about this place is that they really get you back home. The great therapy team worked with me to get me back to myself.
- Jimmy Keap
This is a short-term rehab facility par excellence! They do their job well.
- Steven Porter
I’d like to acknowledge the multiple nurses and aides who help care for my mom. Per my mother “ staff are real nice and the food is good.” Staff here care about their patients.
- Brian Wojnowski
I have never worked with more caring and compassionate people. Everyone that works for Heritage Square treats the patients as if they were their own family members. I would had not stayed with a Healthcare Facility for 15 years had they not been so over the top in customer service and providing the very best care, as we do. We strive for perfection and live for making sure your loved one is treated with dignity and respect. In fact, us as co-workers treat each other like family. From every department and worker, they are always at the top of their game. It has been a privilege to work for such an outstanding and compassionate facility all these years.
- Michelle Kesich
Having recently spent 4 glorious weeks at Heritage Square I cannot speak more effusively about the quality of the extensive care that I received there. It is a comprehensive caring facility. The nursing staff who worked very hard to coordinate the medications for me were fantastic, kind and thoughtful. While I was there, the caregivers who helped me dress, helped me to restroom, and stayed with me while I showered were the most important people in my life. They brought fresh cold water to me at the start of every shift and whenever I asked for it! They helped me when I could not help myself. Not once were they ever bothered when I had to ask for the bedpan. They only showed patience and understanding about how difficult that is for a patient to ask for that when they first arrive. They reminded me of the safe way to transfer out of bed and back into bed, to the commode and off of the commode. These are not aides, these are specialized therapy caregivers. They are PURE GOLD and they are the heart of the facility. The dietary staff set up meal trays with a cloth napkin for all meals and I never got to finish trying all of the excellent menu choices that are there for the ordering. Believe me, I heard from everyone what to order next!! The entire facility and patient rooms are immaculate. there is no odor. it is kept that clean. I did arrive quite sad and depressed after the hospital stay. I just wanted to go home. but it was not yet the right time to go. the head of maintenance came into my room almost the minute I arrived to make sure all of the lights and equipment were in top working order. It is not often you find a master plumber and master electrician in the same place, let alone in the same person! He chatted to me and my husband as he worked and told us about Heritage Square and all of the things there are to do there. He needs to add 'welcoming committee' to his name tag! of course, I could not go home in the physical state I was in postoperatively. I was not hungry and did not really want to eat. I just wanted to lay low and go home. The dietician came in after I had been there a day or two. She was kind, got me talking, and explained the important role that diet and protein were playing in my recovery. OK, I needed to do this so that I can get stronger and go home. Everything was about going home to me. I met the PT/OT assigned to me and they were incredibly positive in everything they said. Heritage Square has top-notch physical therapy and occupational therapy staff. they encouraged me and said 'you are strong'. Pretty soon I was surprising myself. ‘I can do this! Look I did that!' Every day I was challenged by my therapists to do more and more within my ability so that I was stronger and able to move myself around so I could go home. The activity director came by my room every day with a newspaper and fun events that were going on. What became of great importance to me was the garden at Heritage Square. It is a peaceful garden of flowers and vegetables that the activity director, along with staff and patients, helps to plant and care for. it was my most favorite spot and I made sure to get out there no matter the weather for a good amount of time with my husband. It became our place to sit quietly and hold hands. After 35 years together it was hard to be apart, but he stayed with me most of each day. Of course, all good things do come to an end, and I was sad to leave Heritage Square. I had met so many wonderful people and was so appreciative of their sincere care. They all called me by name and I tried really hard to remember all of their names. These people are not aides. They gave me care. They were good, gentle, and kind, and yes, they made me laugh and smile and want to sing along with the radio that got us all through our days and evenings together. This is a place I would have taken my parents to. Again, from the administrator, Michelle, who checked in with me often and had a smile and a wave, and also made time to answer my questions and concerns; Dr. Chang, the facility physician, who saw me weekly and sometimes even twice a week; Dr. Brian, the rehabilitation physician, explained so much to us about how my surgical site was healing and moving and affecting my body; the assistant administrator who gave my husband and son a tour of the facility; the insurance specialist who worked very hard to ensure my stay was long enough for me to feel confident when I went home, and the unit secretary who could do absolutely everything! They could not have been more welcoming and supportive while making me at ease at Heritage Square, my home away from home. it has been almost 2 weeks now and I miss everyone there. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone or the department. There are so many cogs in the wheel there that make Heritage the excellent facility it is. Thank you all!
- Gaylen Marie Grey

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